Millets and Lentil Pulao with Dillweed (Millet Khichdi)

What does one do when you decide on cutting carbs to lose weight? Cutting down on carbohydrates is the easiest way to lose weight and begin a bon voyage for healthy living. When we talk about carbs, the first thing that comes into our mind is rice. And cutting back on rice means moving on to healthier… Continue reading Millets and Lentil Pulao with Dillweed (Millet Khichdi)


Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Chickpea Spinach Salad with Yogurt Dill dressing

When I was a little kid, salad predominantly meant a combination of onions, tomatoes and cucumbers with a pinch of salt, pepper and lime juice. Mostly in Indian households, salad is a side-dish and is hardly prepared or served as the main dish. Only stepping out of India got me to know that salads can… Continue reading Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Chickpea Spinach Salad with Yogurt Dill dressing

Dal Gosht (Lamb and Lentils Curry)

It’s been roughly more than 10 days since I published my last post. I was pretty caught up with few things in life that have taken up more priority over anything else. Staying away from my laptop gave me more time to rest, unwind and recuperate. Although this break was “unplanned”, I realize getting myself unplugged… Continue reading Dal Gosht (Lamb and Lentils Curry)

Vegan Beetroot, Tofu and Lentil Tikkis

When I think of feeding my family with something super healthy, “Tikkis” are always that come immediately to my mind. With tikkis, you always get an incredible opportunity to form a stunning concoction of ingredients moving ahead to make something that would taste over-the-top delicious or simply “out of the world”! And that for sure gives… Continue reading Vegan Beetroot, Tofu and Lentil Tikkis

Poori Bhaji (Ganesh Chaturthi Special)

It’s yet another time of the year when Lord Ganesha is festively invited into our hearts and homes with great pomp and show. Ganesh Chaturthi is an Indian Hindu festival celebrated in honor of the birth of Lord Ganesha. On this very auspicious day, He is worshiped and prayed for peace and prosperity, and so any… Continue reading Poori Bhaji (Ganesh Chaturthi Special)

Singapore Sambal Chicken

Having lived in Singapore for more than a decade has made me develop a sense of love and respect for its cuisine and culture. It is one such country where you can taste the whole world without even leaving the island. The whole idea of “Sambal” predominantly belongs to Malaysia. Due to the high concentration of Malay… Continue reading Singapore Sambal Chicken

Vangi Bhaat (Spiced Eggplant Rice)

Today’s recipe essentially belongs to the southern part of India. Something I am not too used to, yet I have never been able to resist this dish since the time I have got introduced to it. The first time I had this dish was in Bangalore at a friend’s place. And I was completely blown… Continue reading Vangi Bhaat (Spiced Eggplant Rice)

Paneer Avocado Kathi Rolls (Indian Cottage Cheese and Avocado Wraps)

Kathi rolls are a popular snack in most parts of India, but originally they were founded on the streets of Kolkata. Something that is closely associated to my childhood days…. a popular street food in CALCUTTA, it was an everyday roadside dish we relished when we spent our school vacations at this “City of Joy”. Adults, kids and… Continue reading Paneer Avocado Kathi Rolls (Indian Cottage Cheese and Avocado Wraps)

Zucchini Falafel Tikkis

If you have ever been to Arab Street in Singapore, you would have tasted world’s best Falafels at the restaurants lined up on the street showcasing beautiful Middle-Eastern culture. And when lip-smacking Arabic food is accompanied with belly dancing, life is pretty good! Falafels….I love them so much that I just can’t have them enough. I feel like visiting Arab… Continue reading Zucchini Falafel Tikkis

Roasted Potato Pasta Salad with Baby Arugula, Cranberries and Grain Mustard Dressing

Last night we attended Mariners Nite, a signature event of the year within the shipping industry of Singapore. It is an excellent opportunity for the Mariners to get together, network and enjoy an evening of social gathering with families. Along with the presentations, entertainment, awards and accolades, the biggest attraction was the vast spread of… Continue reading Roasted Potato Pasta Salad with Baby Arugula, Cranberries and Grain Mustard Dressing