Egg Curry

It’s the end of the week and unfortunately it is that part of the week wherein you open up the fridge only to find out you are left with no more veggies. After running a quick glance through the pantry, I tried hard to figure out what I could whip up for a decent meal utilizing whatever few raw materials I was leftover with. Sometimes a thought crosses my mind as to how simple we could keep everything with simple bare necessities of life!!:) Perhaps I felt like using this phrase because right now DD is watching “Bare Necessities” song from The Jungle Book. 🙂

Getting back to my pantry, one simple thing that never runs out in my household are eggs!! And this is exactly the time for a simple yet delicious and comforting egg curry!! This dish is always a winner. Be it with vegetarians or non-vegetarians. A small section of vegetarian friends in my circle consume eggs, in either direct or indirect forms. Now initially this was a little tricky for me to understand. Then after speculations I understood that direct form of consumption is if the person consumes the egg directly in form of omelette, egg fry, egg curry and so on. However, people who take eggs in indirect forms would be those who do not hesitate eating cakes biscuits and cookies with a certain percentage of egg content in them. Whatever it is, eggs are simply fabulous and gorgeous and everybody loves them!!

In the modern world, eggs are considered as good as a superfood. They are packed with nutrients proteins and are incredibly delicious. It is amazing how eggs can be used to deliver a whole range of diversity in the culinary world!! You boil it, fry it, bake it, poach it, scramble it and each time they never fail to impress you with the heavenly sensation of flavor perceived in the mouth.

Eggs should be given to kids on an everyday basis. This superfood tends to contain little bit of almost every nutrient we need. I always make sure to give an egg to my LO on a daily basis. And guess what….she loves it!! Eggs require proper technique to prepare. It all depends on the right technique to make your eggs taste soft, delectable and not overcooked. It is very important not to overcook an egg unless if you want to hard boil.

A simple egg curry is easy, delicious and hardly takes any time to prepare. There are millions of ways in which you can make egg curry using hard boiled eggs. This recipe is just one of them and it tastes simply awesome.  A favorite of everyone, I make sure I include this dish for dinner almost once in every 2 weeks.


Eggs – 5 hard boiled

Onion – 1 large (thinly sliced)

Ginger – 1 small piece

Garlic – 2-3 cloves (minced up)

Tomatoes – 2

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Red chilli powder – 2 tsp

Cumin powder – 1 tsp

Garam masala powder – 2 tsp

Green chilli – 2 slit lengthwise

Cloves – 5-6

Bay leaves – 2-3

Salt – as per taste


  1. Hard boil 5 eggs. Marinate the eggs with some turmeric powder, red chilli powder and salt.
  2.  Take some oil in a pan and fry the eggs for around 1-2 mins or until the eggs get a brownish color on the outside.


3. Remove the eggs. In the same pan, take some oil. Put cloves and bay leaves. Stir fry for a few seconds. Then add the thinly sliced onions and fry until they turn pink.


4. Crush the garlic cloves. As soon as the onions turn pink, add some turmeric powder and the crushed garlic. Fry for a few mins or until the raw smell is gone.


5. Puree the tomatoes and ginger into a fine paste. Once the onions and garlic are well fried, add in the tomato-ginger puree. Mix well.

Add the red chilli powder, garam masala and cumin powder. Mix everything well. Cover with a lid and cook until you can see traces of oil oozing on the sides.



6. Now add some water. Add salt. Mix well and bring it to a boil. Add the slit green chillies. Let this boil for a while.


7. Slit the eggs into halves. Put the eggs into the boiling curry.


8. Cover with a lid and let it cook for 5 minutes. Once done, switch off the flame and let the curry stand for 5 mins.



Simple and delicious egg curry is ready to be served with rotis or parathas.



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