Spinach Dal (Lentils with spinach)

Earlier in another post, I had given the recipe for spinach dal with coconut milk, which is more of a south Indian version. https://healthyindiankitchen.wordpress.com/2016/02/16/spinach-and-lentil-curry-with-coconut-milk

However, plain simple spinach dal is a very popular north-Indian dish enjoyed with rice or rotis. It can be prepared with any kind of dal. I usually prepare spinach lentils with yellow moong dal. Throw in a handful of masoor dal for a higher enhanced taste.


Dal and rice is an all time staple for most of the states in northern India. Not only that, it is a comfort food, adored and relished by many Indians. Having said that, it becomes pretty evident that Indian food recipes always provide a balanced meal. Loaded with proteins and all necessary nutrients, Indian food has all the qualities of being classified as superfood of all times!!. :O

This recipe is a very interesting, healthy and simple one using only a few ingredients and does not take much time to prepare. I prepare this dal with double tarka (tempering) which enhances the taste and aroma of the dish. Lot of people do not like to eat greens; one classic example is my DD. Hence I find it easier to feed her the daily essential quota of greens through such dishes. It is amazingly delicious and is relished equally by both kids and adults.


Dal – Moong and masoor dal

Spinach leaves – plucked and washed

Cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

Onions – 1 large (thinly sliced)

Tomatoes – 1 -2 large (chopped finely)

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Goda masala / sambar powder – 1 tsp

Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

Curry leaves – 4-5

Green chillies – 3-4 slit lengthwise

Salt – as per taste

For Final tempering:

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Dry red chillies – 2-3

Hing / asafoetida – 1 tsp


  1. Pluck and wash the spinach leaves well. You can chop them up or leave them as it is.


2. Take a pressure cooker. Add some oil / ghee. Add few cumin seeds. Let them splutter.


3. Thinly slice 1 large onion and fry until translucent. Then add the ginger garlic paste and fry until the raw smell is gone.


4. Once the onions turn pink and ginger-garlic paste is cooked, add the spinach leaves. Saute for a few mins until they are soft and wilted.

5. Then add in the washed lentils. Stir fry the lentils along with spinach for a few seconds.



6. Then add 2 cups of water. And mix everything well.

Add the chopped tomatoes , green chillies, curry leaves and all the dry spice powders (turmeric, coriander powder, Goda masala / sambar powder and black pepper powder).

Mix well. Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles.


7. Once the pressure is down, open the pressure cooker. The dal would have been cooked.


8. Prepare the tempering. In another pan, take some oil / ghee. Add mustard seeds. When mustard seeds splutter, add the cumin seeds, hing and dry red chillies. Stir for a few seconds.

Add the tempering to the cooked dal.


9. Lastly add some salt to taste. Mix everything and bring it a boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn off the gas.



Serve healthy and nutritious spinach dal with rice / rotis / parathas.


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