Orange Cranberry Muffins

Hands down I must confess when it comes to baking I am still a learner. As a matter of fact, whenever I bake desserts I am almost 90% sure of some or other “goof-ups”. But as I firmly believe, mistakes are a part of the learning phase and no matter what one should keep trying… Continue reading Orange Cranberry Muffins

Dal Puri (Unleavened Indian Bread stuffed with Lentils)

Back to blogging after a short break! I had been visiting Mumbai and Goa with family for a short vacation. It was indeed tiring because of the heat, but nevertheless it was a fun-filled trip with loads of entertainment with the whole family. Short trips to hometown is reinvigorating and gives new strength and energy… Continue reading Dal Puri (Unleavened Indian Bread stuffed with Lentils)

Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Steaks Crusted with Parmesan Cheese

Inspiration is always vital in the process of learning. No matter how learned and experienced one becomes, remaining grounded is the most sensible thing to do as you always get to learn something or the other from millions of people around you who are creative and talented enough to impart an ocean of knowledge to… Continue reading Spicy Roasted Cauliflower Steaks Crusted with Parmesan Cheese

Mint Chicken Curry

Have you ever had an intense dislike for a particular herb which¬†rather somehow caught your attention later? Mint is one such herb for me! There was one point in my life when I absolutely “loathed” the flavor and aroma of mint leaves. I didn’t particularly know the reason why but this intense dislike probably might… Continue reading Mint Chicken Curry

Mustard Fish Curry (Baked in Oven)

This is traditionally a Bengali dish but I have changed the recipe a little in order to make it a tad bit healthier however with no compromise on taste. This dish is baked in the oven!…which earns extra points on health factor. The flavor and aroma is over-the-top impressive. This is a very easy way… Continue reading Mustard Fish Curry (Baked in Oven)

Broccoli Paneer Parathas (Indian flatbread with broccoli and cottage cheese)

Parathas are a norm for breakfast in most Indian households of North India. Parathas are Indian flatbreads rolled out from a wheat flour dough and shallow fried on both sides on a Tava / Griddle ¬†with very little oil. They are healthy and if one prepares it with various vegetable stuffings it becomes a nutritious… Continue reading Broccoli Paneer Parathas (Indian flatbread with broccoli and cottage cheese)

Creamy Red Bean Avocado Salad

An exciting date night with DH at the bustling night streets of Boat Quay gets us wandering into a famous Mexican restaurant Cafe Iguana. Excellent authentic delicious food and counted among few of the¬†restaurants serving good Mexican cuisine¬†in Singapore!! We tried everything from tacos, burritos, fajitas but the one thing that got into my heart… Continue reading Creamy Red Bean Avocado Salad

Stir-fried Vegetable Spaghetti

Stir-fry noodles is a famous road-side¬†snack on the streets of Kolkata. Not only in Kolkata mixed vegetable fried noodles is a favored delicacy in almost every city of India. Different veggies of your choice are stir-fried together with noodles….this version is also known as Hakka noodles. However what if we try and make this using… Continue reading Stir-fried Vegetable Spaghetti