Nomination for the Liebster Award

Mid-February 2016 I started blogging. Its now May 2016! I had the least idea that in such short span, I will be nominated for Liebster Award within the blogging community. This is indeed an honour and my ecstacy is beyond imagination! 🙂

Liebster Award

I would like to thank a fellow blogger Rini, for nominating me. The link to her blog:

Rini is an excellent blogger who loves to share her gourmet food experiences with the best of explanation on her posts. Her love for food is well evident from the high quality and “yummy” photographs that she puts up on her blog supporting it up with details on each and every dish. It was indeed a blessing for me to have found her space. 🙂 ❤

This award is a great to way to discover and promote new bloggers with less than 200 followers. It is a way to encourage increased networking among bloggers, helps bloggers know each other and most importantly people get a chance to know better about new bloggers and appreciate their work. So here are the rules in a nutshell:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link back to their blog.
  2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge to your post.
  3. Nominate 10 new bloggers and write about each one.
  4. Answer the 10 questions the person who nominated you asked you.
  5. Create 10 new questions to ask the bloggers you nominate.
  6. Notify the bloggers you have nominated by leaving them a comment on their blog.

Right now I will go ahead and nominate a few bloggers that I know of are doing a good job and deserve this nomination:

  1. Ministry of Curry:

A fellow food blogger and my friend, Archana is a “techie by trade but a chef by heart“! I first came to know of her blog from my friend, Arti, who is Archana’s sister. An excellent blog with delicious recipes and food pics, she is also a great teacher. She conducts cooking classes at her place and people who know her have always appreciated her cooking style. Her dishes are classy, all the more tempting; this talented lady has way to go!!

2. Indian Home Cooking:

Payel is actually the very first blogger I started following. And I have always found myself lucky to have discovered her blog. Payel, a Bengali, from Kolkata India, is not only an avid cook but she is also a way good photographer! All her yummy recipes are mostly based on Bengali cooking style. Right from her fish recipes to salad, smoothies and baked goods, all her dishes are gorgeous. The fact that she is health conscious and most of her recipes have been formulated to incorporate the health factor, is an added bonus for all you health freaks out there to follow her lovely blog! 🙂

3. Polka Puffs!:

Just today, I discovered her blog and I absolutely love her space. Shreya tiwari is a gorgeous cook, who loves to whip up healthy and delicious dishes. Polka puffs is an evidence of her passion for cooking and she spreads this love by sharing her wonderful recipes with the world.

4. TasteBuds:

Have you ever thought of having a quick access to recipes of all kinds of Indian food?…doesn’t matter whether veg or non-veg! Aayushi’s space is a one-stop blog for all you foodies who just love traditional cum modern Indian cooking. She has included great recipes that are simple, easy-to-follow, healthy and delicious. Her hard-work and dedication is an inspiration for not only me, but many other food bloggers!

5. Startwithstyle :

This is an interesting blog on beauty, fashion and make-up. I happened to stop by this blog sometime yesterday and I was absolutely awe-struck with the knowledge and talent the author has in her sphere of work. All you beauty and make-up lovers, do visit this blog!! It is an absolute pleasure to read her posts with gorgeous pictures 🙂

My responses to the ten questions asked by Rini:

  1. Why did you start blogging? – I started blogging to share my love and passion for food. To say the truth, I have learnt cooking by following recipes from the internet for years, by practicing and implementing. There have been plenty of errors but as they say, you learn from your mistakes. I too did!!
  2. Name one meal you wouldn’t mind eating everyday for the rest of your life – Has to be dal and rice. My favorite comfort food!
  3. List the last five things you bought at the grocery store – dried cranberries, milk, flour, pasta, eggs.
  4. What are the top three countries you would like to travel to? – Italy, Switzerland and Iceland
  5. If you could live somewhere for a year, where would it be and why? – Korea because I am enthralled with pictures on internet revealing beauty of Korean landscape
  6. What is one thing you have been meaning to try? – Ice-skating!…have been trying for long but never managed to conquer my fear
  7. What is your favourite way of de-stressing? – cooking
  8. What is the best piece of advice you ever got? – “People change, things go wrong, shit happens but life goes on”.
  9. If you had a personal slogan, what would it be? – I will give this question a pass, cos right now I can’t really think of a personal slogan. Maybe 10 years down the line, I might be able to “sloganize” my name! 🙂
  10. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? – Save part for early retirement and rest spend on travelling around the world.

My 10 questions for those I have nominated:

  1. What is your favourite snack?
  2. What is your favourite city to visit?
  3. Weirdest dish you’ve ever eaten?
  4. What is your guilty pleasure food?
  5. You can wear one lipstick COLOR for the rest of your life what color would you pick?
  6. What is your favourite-cannot-miss tv show?
  7. What’s your number 1 beauty tip?
  8. Name an inspirational figure in your life- can be anyone (even fictional characters).
  9. What is your biggest fear?
  10. What is the kindest act you have ever done for someone?

Wish you all Happy Blogging!!









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