The kumbh mela tag

Harsh just because you insisted…(Might be funny cos I don’t know how to rhyme but this is all my mind could think of 😀 )

I put on TV Tom and Jerry
Then hurried out to find some barberry
The guy at the cashier said his name was Terry
I asked how much for the strawberry
He said Ma’m do not worry just bury
the money and give me a Holly leaf cherry
I was too merry
Went back home by a car ferry
Only to find out I forgot to take the barberry!!

Caring for Art

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Source: The kumbh mela tag

Following this Kumbh Mela Tag given by the very colorfulPoppins. This is you have to do.

Continue the chain of poem, rhyming with erry.

Craziness personified; thoughts of a jobless blogger; endless mind chatter; this tag says it all😀
Be merry
and eat cherry
and drink sherry
meet a deary
vote for Hillary
my turn to continue :
find a berry
was that weary?
say hello to parry
be a fairy
don’t be teary

My turn-

See the ferry,
Going on the single jerry,
Whoosh the canary,
Turn the dairy.

And these people please continue- Mona, Morgan, Radhika,Chitra

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23 thoughts on “The kumbh mela tag

      1. Great, I am good at convincing I guess. 🙂 Do give it a try, poetry need not be serious always. You can compose lines on any aspect of life. When you start penning down your thoughts ideas will flow.

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