Curried shrimp with Coconut Milk

Come weekend eve and we are in a mood to dig into something super-comforting. And that for my family has to be either fish or seafood! Shrimp curry with coconut milk has always been my personal favorite! The creamy consistency and mild sweet taste of coconut milk blends perfectly with shrimps and gives this dish… Continue reading Curried shrimp with Coconut Milk

Desi Salmon and Cod Fish Cakes

These patties are so simple that in the beginning I was wondering whether to share it or not with you all. But then my conscience pushed me repeatedly cos these are soooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!!! No, that wasn’t a typo! I am serious. These fish cakes are moist, flaky and super delicious. They literally melt in your… Continue reading Desi Salmon and Cod Fish Cakes

Malaysian Butter Prawns with Curry Leaves and Kerisik

Did you ever know that Malaysian Butter Prawns is an exquisite dish that is prepared with the combination of two major Indian and Malaysian ingredients: Curry leaves and Kerisik respectively. Kerisik is nothing but fresh grated coconut pan-toasted until golden brown in color. It is used in numerous Malaysian dishes, but most commonly in Rendang (to… Continue reading Malaysian Butter Prawns with Curry Leaves and Kerisik

(Zero Oil) Fish Tikka

Fish is a staple in our home. DH being a Goan, and myself a Bengali, we both belong to communities that is not quite used to having fish skipped out of their meals on a regular basis. And in a way I would say even DD has managed to inherit our genetic traits so much so… Continue reading (Zero Oil) Fish Tikka

Mustard Fish Curry (Baked in Oven)

This is traditionally a Bengali dish but I have changed the recipe a little in order to make it a tad bit healthier however with no compromise on taste. This dish is baked in the oven!…which earns extra points on health factor. The flavor and aroma is over-the-top impressive. This is a very easy way… Continue reading Mustard Fish Curry (Baked in Oven)

Bombay Duck / Bombil Curry (Coastal Fish Curry)

Earlier in my blog I had posted a recipe for Goan Fish Curry ( In that post I did mention that Goans use different kind of masala pastes for various fishes, depending on the kind of fish being used for the curry. This recipe is another delicious and appetising fish curry recipe which uses a… Continue reading Bombay Duck / Bombil Curry (Coastal Fish Curry)