Red Lentils and Spinach Chicken Stew

Chicken is a meat my LO loves to eat on a regular basis. Not much that I can do but yes I can certainly find alternatives to turn it into a super nutritious meal. This morning when my 4 year old was going to school, as always she requested me to make chicken for her after… Continue reading Red Lentils and Spinach Chicken Stew

Double Baked Potatoes Stuffed with Spiced Cottage Cheese (Paneer) and Corn

It’s the National Day in Singapore tomorrow. I had been planning to make this dish for long and thought it was perfect timing to cook something special for a weeknight dinner just before a Public Holiday! So there it goes….twice baked potatoes with a spicy corn and cottage cheese filling. A perfect side-dish for any meal… Continue reading Double Baked Potatoes Stuffed with Spiced Cottage Cheese (Paneer) and Corn

Desi Salmon and Cod Fish Cakes

These patties are so simple that in the beginning I was wondering whether to share it or not with you all. But then my conscience pushed me repeatedly cos these are soooooooo goooooooooooooood!!!!! No, that wasn’t a typo! I am serious. These fish cakes are moist, flaky and super delicious. They literally melt in your… Continue reading Desi Salmon and Cod Fish Cakes

Missi Roti (Indian Flatbread)

Missi roti is an Indian flatbread prepared with the mixture of wheatflour (atta) and gram flour (garbanzo bean / chickpea flour also known as Besan in India) and seasoned with spices. Rotis or phulkas in India are usually eaten with lentils, vegetables and other curries. Missi roti is more popular in Northern parts of India, especially… Continue reading Missi Roti (Indian Flatbread)

Lamb Dum Biryani

The other evening I was quite busy with errands and I really did not have much time to spend in the kitchen. However I was mentally prepared during the day that I was going to prepare Lamb Biryani for dinner. This recipe is the most trusted one if you are running late and still you… Continue reading Lamb Dum Biryani

Chicken Korma with Cashew Paste

Indian chicken korma can be prepared in many different ways. However, the basic foundation remains the same. It is basically a spiced sauce flavored with yogurt, cream and ground cashews or almonds. If you are new to Indian cuisine, it is best to start off with a good Korma. It is mild, not spicy and… Continue reading Chicken Korma with Cashew Paste