Stir-fry Kai-lan with Garlic

Kai-lan, also known as Chinese broccoli or Chinese Kale is a very popular leafy vegetable available in Singapore. And what an awesome veggie!!…so nutritious, so delicious!! Whenever we go out for dining at a Chinese restaurant, without fail DH will order this dish. And DD loves it too!! As she watches the waiter serve up kailan on the table, she says “Mumma I want green!!” 🙂 What a relief for me as a mother!! I hope all you mothers out there struggling day in day out to get some leafy vegetables into your babies’ tummies, will sure understand where I am coming from. 😉 And this is the only leafy vegetable that DD loves!!

I am not sure if this veggie is available in India, as I do not have any childhood memories of it and I myself got introduced to it only after coming to Singapore. In fact, the doctors advised me to eat lots of kai-lan when I acquired gestational diabetes during the third trimester of my pregnancy. Undoubtedly it showed its benefits soon after.

Usually the traditional recipe uses oyster sauce, however when I make it at home I just use some light soy sauce and that’s good enough! This recipe needs very few ingredients and it gets prepared in just a few mins.


Kai Lan – 2 small packets

Garlic cloves – 7-8 cloves finely choppped

Soy Sauce – 4-5 tbsp

Salt – as per taste

Black / White pepper powder – as per taste

Sesame oil – for drizzling on top


Tear off the tough ends of the Kai Lan stems.

Take some oil in a pan. Add the finely chopped garlic. As soon as the garlic starts turning golden brown, add the kailan. Put the flame on high. Put soy sauce, salt and pepper. Mix well and stir for a few mins until the leaves have started wilting. Turn off the gas. Drizzle sesame oil on top and serve hot.

P>S. Be careful when putting salt, as soy sauce also has some salt content.



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